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Captain Calendar Chatbot

Captain Calendar is the name of an innovative solution, that was developed during the Campus Innovation Challenge (Accenture). It focuses on the problem of time consumption when planning a meeting in companies. Captain Calendar offers a solution by automating this planning process with a simple to use chatbot.

Once you give the bot the information it needs to plan a meeting, it will autonomous compare all the calendar data of the attendees and eventually find a free timeslot in a provided date range. The information needed are the attendees, a location, a subject, a duration and a date range. Note, that you provide a date range and not a specific date. So Captain Calendar will search only in this date range for a convenient appointment.

When talking to the chatbot you can use natural language and the Captain will automatically recognize your intentions. The Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) by Microsoft does a great job on that. For the bot itself, we use the Bot Framework also provided by Microsoft. By getting access to the users Outlook accounts with OAuth2 and the Microsoft Graph REST-API we got all the calendar information we needed.


  • Chatbot written in C# using the Bot Framework
  • Natural Language Understanding by the LUIS API
  • No personal information is saved in our databases
  • Own meeting finding algorithm, that takes working hours into account and is able to find free slots – company independent
  • Backend communicates with REST and is completely written in Node.js


  • C# (Chatbot)
  • Javascript (Node.js)
  • LUIS (learns and improves by user input)
  • MSSQL (Azure)


Concept and business
  • Simon Bergmann
  • Sylvia Pastuschka
  • Lorenz Stadler
Coaches of Accenture
  • Saskia Grosser
  • Thorsten Bunz


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